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The ease of use was impressive as well as the quality of the product and the students' engagement. This was extremely appropriate in light of what is happening in schools today. My students LOVED the cartoons and were answering questions.

2019 Learning Magazine's Teacher Choice Award for the Classroom

The students were engaged and asked many questions. They all had stories of situations they've encountered and now this program has provided them with answers on how to handle themselves in the future.

School Principal, Miami, Fl

encouraging girls in cybersecurity

Meet Dr. Cybrina!

(Pronounced: sigh-bree-na) this cool, super smart Siamese cat is a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). 

She plays a key role in helping Garfield and his friends approach their online dilemmas safe and responsibly.

Dr. Cybrina is a reminder to young girls that cybersecurity and technology-related fields can be exciting potential careers.

Garfield is Pawpular!

28% Increase of Cyber Safety Knowledge