Hey Parents! Get Garfield for at Home this Summer #CyberSafeSummer

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About Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures Program

What sets Garfield's Cyber Safety Adventures apart from other children's online programs?

What is the recommended age group for Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures?

Is there a time that is best to conduct the lessons?

What lessons are available of Garfield's Cyber Safety Adventures?

What data supports the success of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures?

Dr. Cybrina is a new character. What’s her story?

Is there a Corporate Program available?

Do you have a program for Scouts?

What is the cost of of Garfield's Cyber Safety Adventures?

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Group Learning Educator Kits

What is in the Educator Kit?

What cyber safety subjects are available in the Educator's Kits?

Garfield eLearning Subscription

What is Garfield eLearning?

What lessons are included with the Garfield eLearning annual learning subscription?

What devices does Garfield Digital work on?