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This time of the year gets hectic for everyone. Finalizing travel arrangements, gift shopping, finishing budgets and figuring out New Year resolutions are some of the many things we all get to do the next couple of weeks. To do all of the above, we need our laptops, cell phones, credit cards and most important, the internet. We are so anxious to cross out one thing after another on our “to do” list that sometimes we forget the most important thing “to do”: be safe online.

For this holiday break, we challenge you to give the gift of cyber safety by incorporating and promoting cyber safety best practices among your close friends and family.

Download the following cyber safety tip sheets and share:

1.    For the shopper: safe shopping online.

2.    For the parent: child-parent internet agreement, new device safety and social media guidelines.

3.    For the elderly: create strong passwords and prevent falling victim to scams.

4.    For the younger crowd (children ages 6-11): Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures teaching children cyber safety in a fun and engaging way.

5.    For the philanthropist: 5 online donation safety tips when giving to your favorite charity.

Don’t forget you can also give the gift of cyber safety by actively contributing to a nonprofit like us, Center for Cyber Safety and Education. Your donation will allow us to develop new cyber safety-focused programs for your community, support volunteers’ efforts worldwide, and expand our cybersecurity scholarship program to help close the workforce gap. Choose us as your charity of choice for your end of the year giving and help us make the cyber world a safer place for everyone. All we are asking is $20.