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If you are a School CLICK HERE.  This product is not compatible with educational or library institutions.   

Due to popular demand, this program is now offered to groups, companies, or as a HR Benefit.

It’s time for your company to be on the forefront of CYBER EDUCATION This interactive Garfield eLearning subscription based perk is a game-changer! 

Health & Wellness Employee Benefit.  Stand out with a benefit program that WILL make a difference. As an employer, show how serious you care about the digital well-being of your employees’ children by providing Garfield eLearning.

  • Total Rewards Program
  • Voluntary Benefits Plan
  • Employee Perk

Discover the Subscription-Based eLearning Program: Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures. Garfield online is an interactive learning program with fun activities. Explore a variety of lessons designed by Certified Cyber Security experts, that include educational Garfield cartoons, interactive stories, and comic eBooks that teach online social and safety skills.

  • Enjoy unlimited play!
  • Develop learning skills with interactive Garfield cartoons
  • All access to Garfield cartoon lessons
  • All access to Garfield comic eBooks
  • No ads, no in-game purchases
  • Printable custom Certificate of Completion!
  • Access anywhere: iOS and Andriod too
  • Low cost annual online learning subscription

Garfield eLearning reinforces Safe Posting, Privacy, and how to avoid Cyberbullying with interactive Garfield cartoons lessons and comic eBooks.

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After placing the order, a Welcome Package and all unique Voucher Access Codes for the one-year subscription will be sent to the person placing the order.