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Due to popular demand, this program is now offered to groups and companies as a HR Benefit.

If you are a School CLICK HERE.  This product is not compatible with educational or library institutions.   

It’s time for your company to be on the forefront of CYBER EDUCATION This interactive Garfield eLearning Online Subscription based perk is a game-changer! Gym memberships and pet health insurance are so last decade. 

Digital Health & Wellness Employee Benefit.  Stand out with a benefit program that WILL make a difference. As an employer, show how serious you care about the digital well-being of your employees’ children by providing Garfield eLearning. Only a couple dollars per employee, for the year.

  • Total Rewards Program
  • Voluntary Benefits Plan
  • Employee Perk

Have more than 1,000 employees? Need a custom quote? Contact Christina at

Discover the Subscription-Based eLearning Program: Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures. Garfield online is an interactive learning program with fun activities. Explore a variety of lessons designed by Certified Cyber Security experts, that include educational Garfield cartoons with interactive stories that teach online social and safety skills.

  • Enjoy unlimited play!
  • Develop learning skills with interactive Garfield cartoons
  • All access to Garfield cartoon lessons
  • No ads, no in-game purchases
  • Printable custom Certificate of Completion!
  • Access anywhere: iOS and Andriod too
  • Low cost annual online learning subscription

Garfield eLearning reinforces Safe Social Media Posting, Privacy, and how to avoid Cyberbullying with interactive Garfield cartoons lessons.

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After placing the order, a Welcome Package and all unique Voucher Access Codes for the one-year subscription will be sent to the person placing the order.