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Digital Garfield: Family Edition & Home Packet Bundle

Digital Garfield: Family Edition & Home Packet Bundle

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Holy Cannoli! Garfield has combined our two most popular educational resources into this FUNTASTIC bundle for the ultimate 1:1 cyber safety lesson! 

Digital Garfield: Family Edition is for one child. This subscription is not compatible for education, corporate, or multi-users. 

This Gift Set includes our Home Packet Bundle and a gift certificate for 1-year of Digital Garfield subscription with a unique Voucher Access Code for one child. Plus, a bonus gift of a Garfield pencil for the child to complete the activity pages in the Comic Book.

Garfield Digital is an online learning subscription that provides unlimited self-paced, interactive Cartoons and Comic eBooks. Lessons reinforce privacy, safe posting and how to avoid cyberbullying.

With an annual subscription, there is no limit in accessing Digital Garfield via Android or iOS applications. Children can now receive cyber safety course certification by Garfield anytime, anywhere!



Each home packet LESSON includes items for ONE child.

1    Garfield Activity Comic Book
1    Poster
1    Camera Privacy Sticker Card
1    Garfield and Friends Trading Card - Special Edition

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Lesson 1: Privacy, Online Friends Are Not the Same As Real Friends  Nermal the Kitten finds himself in trouble while playing an online game.  Garfield and Friends help Nermal learn that online friends are not the same as real friends.

Lesson 2: Safe Posting, Pause Before You Post  In this adventure, Nermal learns the unintended consequences of sharing personal information on social media when he gets a little too excited posting selfies.

Lesson 3: Cyberbullying, Be Kind Online  After jokingly posting an embarrassing picture of his friend, Otto the Octopus, Nermal the Kitten realizes that he was taking part in cyberbullying.  Garfield and Friends learn online etiquette and how to avoid future cyberbullying situations.