JUST RELEASED! Garfield for the Virtual Classroom!

Garfield Virtual: Privacy

Garfield Virtual: Privacy

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Online Instructor-Led Lesson for Distance Learning

  • Interactive online class: 30 Minutes
  • Use with your own video conference platform (Zoom, WebEx, etc)
  • For ages: 6-12
  • Suggested grades: 1st – 6th
  • No Shipping 
  • Online environmentally friendly lessons
  • Access to Educator eWorkbook & Student eWorkbook is emailed


Each Garfield Virtual lesson Includes:

  • Educator eWorkbook:
    • Lesson plans and instructions
    • Garfield cartoon, Part 1 & 2
    • Educational Class Activity: How to Create A Strong Password
    • Letter to Parents
  • Student eWorkbook:


PRIVACY: Online Friends Are Not the Same As Real Friends

Nermal is determined to beat Cheesequest 7: Attack of the Cheddar Zombies no matter what. But when an online friend offers to help Nermal win in exchange for his user info and password, Arlene and Garfield decide to call in Dr. Cybrina, online security expert. Join Garfield and friends as they learn about who to trust and what to share online.