Distance Learning just got a whole lot easier (and fun!) with Garfield Virtual

Garfield Virtual: Safe Posting

Garfield Virtual: Safe Posting

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HOW MANY STUDENTS DO YOU HAVE?  Order enough eWorkbooks!

Garfield for the Virtual Classroom assigns online eWorkbooks to a classroom, for the Instructor and each Student, using any video conference platform.  Students follow along the lesson and watch a high-quality Garfield cartoon via their eWorkbook.  No more freezing or buffering!  The need to share your screen with the class for cartoon video and lesson content viewing has been eliminated!  Woot!  

The included lesson plans means anyone can conduct a Garfield Virtual lesson via any video conference platform.

Online Instructor-Led Learning for Groups

  • Interactive & engaging online group activity lesson 
  • Use with your own video conference platform (Zoom, WebEx, etc)
  • For ages: 6-12
  • Suggested grades: 1st – 6th
  • Easily to follow lesson plans & instructions
  • Conduct lesson in only 30 minutes!
  • Access to Educator eWorkbook & Student eWorkbook is emailed
  • Online guided lessons + studio quality entertainment


Each Garfield for the Virtual Classroom lesson Includes:  

  • Educator eWorkbook:  14-day license
    • Lesson plans and instructions
    • Garfield cartoon, Part 1 & 2
    • Educational Class Activity: Secret Password Decoder
    • Letter to Parents
  • Student eWorkbook:  14-day license



Nermal uses social media to show what he’s doing all the time, from what he’s eating for breakfast to how he’s celebrating the good grade he got on his giraffe report. But how much information is too much information? Join Garfield and friends as they learn what it takes to stay safe and secure online, from account settings to sharing personal information.