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Educator Kit: PRIVACY "Take Your Kids to Work Day"

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Take Your Kids To Work Day BONUS:

  • Garfield invitation
  • Garfield Food Pairing Menu
  • Garfield Yoga Session Link  

Nermal is determined to beat Cheesequest 7: Attack of the Cheddar Zombies no matter what. But when an online friend offers to help Nermal win in exchange for his user info and password, Arlene and Garfield decide to call in Dr. Cybrina, online security expert. Join Garfield and friends as they learn about who to trust and what to share online.

Group Learning Size: 30 Kids            

The award-winning Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program is designed to engage elementary children and foster retention of core cyber safety lessons.


  • Recommended Ages:  6-12 years old
  • Instruction Time:  30 mins
  • Teaching Level:  EASY, lesson plans included
  • Ready-to-Teach Kit for 30 Kids

The Educator Kit contains:  

  • USB with Garfield Cartoon; Lesson Plan; Printable Handout Puzzles
  • 30   Garfield Activity Comic Books
  • 2     Posters (1 Large and 1 Pledge Poster)
  • 30  Cyber Safe Student Stickers
  • 30  Camera Privacy Sticker Cards
  • 30  Garfield and Friends Trading Cards
  • 1    Garfield and Friends Special Edition Trading Card - for you! 
  • 30  Letters for Parents 



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