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Digital Library: 1:1 Self Paced

Digital Library: 1:1 Self Paced

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The DIGITAL Library program is 1:1 self-paced Garfield cartoons and Comic eBooks for individual learning on any digital device.

$250/Public Library per Year

  • DIGITAL program: 1:1 digital format, self-paced learning; unlimited access
  • BASIC program: downloadable PowerPoint lessons, teacher lesson plans, puzzles and coloring pages, free cyber safety eAlerts

Garfield Digital is an online learning subscription that provides unlimited self-paced, interactive Cartoons and Comic eBooks. Lessons reinforce privacy, safe posting and how to avoid cyberbullying.

With an annual subscription, there is no limit in accessing Digital Garfield via Android or iOS applications. Children can now receive cyber safety course certification by Garfield anytime, anywhere!

BASIC is an introduction and conversation starter to cyber safety for the children. Downloadable presentations and resources available.