eLearning PLUS+ Library

eLearning PLUS+ Library

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Garfield eLearning & Garfield Educator Kits are bundled providing 2 TEACHING PROGRAMS for libraries. 

Hey Youth Directors: Schedule fun, exciting yet educational Garfield activities for your kids event calendar!  

Learn more about Garfield's Cyber Safety program   

You Receive:

ONE YEAR of Garfield eLearning Subscription-Based eLearning Program for your library computers. Garfield cartoons with interactive stories that teach online social and safety skills. 

  • Enjoy unlimited play!
  • Develop learning skills with interactive Garfield cartoons
  • All access to Garfield cartoon lessons
  • No ads, no in-game purchases
  • Printable custom Certificate of Completion!
  • Access anywhere: iOS and Andriod too 

Garfield eLearning reinforces Safe Posting, Privacy, and how to avoid Cyberbullying with interactive Garfield cartoons.


ALL 3 LESSONS of the Group Learning Activity Kits: (30 kids each kit)

  • Privacy
  • Safe Posting
  • Cyberbullying

The award-winning Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program is designed to engage elementary children and foster retention of core cyber safety lessons.