PLUS Library: Educator Kits

PLUS Library: Educator Kits

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PLUS Library is group learning with Educator Kits for youth coordinators, camp and community event planners. 

Hey Youth Directors: Schedule fun, exciting yet educational Garfield activities for your kids event calendar! 


  • Cyberbullying
  • Safe Social Media Posting
  • Privacy

Group Size: 30 Kids/per lesson topic  

Lesson Time: 30 Minutes/per lesson topic

  • Recommended Ages:  6-12 years old
  • Recommended Grades:  1st – 6th grade
  • Instruction Time:  30 mins/per lesson
  • Teaching Level:  EASY, lesson plans included
  • Ready-to-Teach Educator Kit for 30 Kids
  • Kids love GARFIELD! Cartoons, comic books, stickers, posters & more!
  • Created by certified cybersecurity experts
  • Teachers’ Choice Award Winner for the Classroom
  • Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award Winner

The Educator’s Kit is the Ultimate Toolkit for learning and retaining cyber safety in a fun and engaging group setting.


The award-winning Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program is designed to engage elementary-age children and foster retention of core cyber safety lessons.

Each Educator Kit contains:  

  • USB with Garfield Cartoon; Teacher Lesson Plan; Printable Handout Puzzles
  • 30   Garfield Activity Comic Books
  • 2     Posters (1 Large and 1 Pledge Poster)
  • 30  Cyber Safe Student Stickers
  • 30  Camera Privacy Sticker Cards
  • 30  Garfield and Friends Trading Cards
  • 1    Garfield and Friends Special Edition Trading Card - for you! 
  • 30  Letters for Parents