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PLUS Library: Educator Kits

PLUS Library: Educator Kits

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PLUS Classroom is group learning Educator Kits for teachers, librarians or media specialists. Youth Directors are now able to provide fresh, fun and engaging Garfield activities for the year on the Events Calendar! 

$150/Public Library per year

Group Size: 30 Children per Lesson

  • PLUS program: group learning Educator Kits of three Garfield lessons Privacy, Safe Posting and Cyberbullying
  • BASIC program: downloadable PowerPoint lessons, teacher lesson plans, puzzles and coloring pages, free cyber safety eAlerts

PLUS consists of Educator Kits for group learning. Ideal for retaining cyber safety in a fun and engaging group setting among peers, creating an open dialog. Each Garfield lesson, which includes everything needed to teach 30 elementary children, can be completed in 20-30 minutes.

BASIC is an introduction and conversation starter to cyber safety for the younger children. Downloadable presentations and resources available.